Eight plays challenge

I am sharing the best plays I have ever read/staged/acted in.

What would your picks be?

Here are mines:

The Last Days Of Judas Iscariot (S. A. Guirgis)

Well, well, well. Those who follow Aurora Theatre will know that this is a very biased choice, but I just can’t help it!

The play is set in a corner of Purgatory where a desperate lawyer presents the case of Judas Iscariot to a courtroom. Several personalities from history (Mother Teresa, Sigmund Freud) as well as the Bible (Pontius Pilate, Satan and the various saints and apostles) step in to testify for or against Judas. The whole story is darkly comic and edgy, reexamining the fate of the ultimate sinner.

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot.jpg

Glengarry Glen Ross (D. Mamet)

The brutal truth behind a long day at the office, where shark-like salesmen are willing to engage in any act (ethical or not) in order to Always Be Closing. Comedic, rough and awfully truthful.

Private Lives (N. Coward)

Can’t live together, can’t live apart. A broad view of a stormy relationship between two former spouses who realize they still have feelings for each other whilst honeymooning with their present partners. A reflective and yet hilarious comedy set in the jazz era, spiced up by the Charleston and Fox-trot.

Private Lives Theatre De Lys.jpg

The Glass Menagerie (T. Williams)

A former southern beauty lives in poverty with her two grown-up children who everyday have to bear her irritating nagging. Her world of illusion soon collapses, drifting the little that she has left of her family away. An auto-biographical piece by Tennessee Williams, who provides a perfect picture of America in the 1940’s.

The Glass Menagerie (play) 1st edition cover.jpg

The Importance of Being Earnest (O. Wilde)

Written by the king of wit, The Importance of Being Earnest describes, in a farcical and comedic way, the unwillingness of its character to obey social norms. The whole story unravels in a comedy of errors leaving the characters moved like pawns by events and fate.

The Importance of Being Earnest - Cigarettecase.jpg

Arcadia (T. Stoppard)

A wonderful story where order and disorder intertwine together, interlocking characters from the past with those from the present; witty, heartfelt and beautifully written. A fine, fine piece of contemporary theatre.

180px-Arcadia book.jpg

Inherit The Wind (Lawrence and Lee)

A highly engaging piece narrating the biggest debate in society: creationism versus evolution. A charming attorney finds himself in a small town in a southern state of America to defend a teacher jailed for preaching Darwinism. A strong trial follows shortly after, questioning whether religion weighs more than the right to think.

Twelve Angry Men (R. Rose)

A jury of twelve men in America is considering a murder case. They all agree that the defendant is guilty, except for one juror who, throughout the play, leads the group towards a debate about race, the expectations of the society they live in and the troubled relationship that a father can experience between himself and his son.

Twelve Angry Men Roundabout.jpg


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